Switching Accountant To Numble

How to switch accountant in four steps

#1 Resign From Your Old Accountant

Find out your termination period. You'll find this on your signed contract or you can reach out to your old accountant.

You should be able to terminate your agreement by email. If your accountant bills you annually, then there's a good chance you can terminate your agreement immediately. If they charge you monthly, then you'll most likely have a one month notice period.

#2 Sign up with Numble

By now you'll know what we're charging and you like what you see (and by the way, thanks!)

Ask us to send you our contract and we'll send it to you on e-sign to approve online.

Then we'll get started immediately.

#3 Connect us

Every new accountant should request professional clearance from an old accountant. Consider this a handshake from one professional to another.

We'll obtain as much of your accounting data from your old accountant to save you time.

You can connect us with an email like this:

I give you authority to send all accounting information to the team at Numble. I have copied them in and they will be in touch shortly to request professional clearance and ask for the data/information you hold about my business and my personal taxes.

#4 Over to Numble!

After you sign our agreement, we'll ask you to complete our 3-minute onboarding form.

The form will help you to connect us to your old accountant and provide us with useful information about you and your business.

We'll obtain data from your accountant and you. Our ultimate goal is to bring your accounting data up to our high standards.

Within 30 days we'll ask you to pass our anti-money laundering requirements.

The entire onboarding process may take a few weeks while we set up your shiny new systems and request authorisation with HMRC to file your tax returns.

Just know that we've done this hundreds of times and we've seen everything by now, so don't worry about anything.

We've got this.

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