Using Dext with Numble

Everything you need to know about sharing invoices and receipts.

Dext is a great system for sharing supplier invoices and receipts with Numble.

Sharing receipts helps our team to categorise your transactions correctly. We expect clients to aim to upload all receipts.

The average client uploads 85% of invoices

If you are VAT registered it becomes even more important to upload receipts so we can claim VAT on your expenses.

HMRC require you to maintain business records for at least six years and you can be fined £3,000 if you do not keep adequate financial records.

Uploading to Dext

We suggest using a computer when you login to Dext for the first time - it will give you greater oversight over how it works.

Login and click "Costs" in the sidebar. Then click "+Add Documents" at the top of the screen.

You will see several ways to upload receipts. Feel free to check out each option and upload a few receipts now.

Most clients prefer to upload invoices by:

  • Uploading files

  • Sending through email

After testing Dext, download the app, which is great for snapping receipts on your phone.

Once the receipt is in Dext - that's all you need to do! Numble will take care of the bookkeeping from here.

You do not need to categorise receipts nor should you publish invoices to Xero. Every so often we will archive your invoices to reduce clutter.

What to upload to Dext

We want to see supplier invoices, preferably VAT receipts.

We don't need you to upload:

  • Statements

  • Payment confirmations

  • Order confirmations

  • Emails

Please avoid uploading these documents as they clutter the workspace and can be misleading.

Dext automatically ignores duplicate uploads.

Do you need to upload sales invoices?

We only ask some clients to upload their sales invoices. Please check with us before uploading sales invoices.

Invoices vs Statements

Remember: we need invoices to know what you've purchased and how much VAT to claim

Statements tell you what's overdue but they rarely provide useful information to your accountant.

Statements tell us nothing about VAT, which might be misleading if we accidentally treat it as an invoice - because they do look quite similar!

Invoices vs Order Confirmations

Order confirmations contain some value to us. They might tell us what you've ordered, which is great! But order confirmations rarely show VAT.

Please upload confirmations only when you cannot obtain an invoice. Uploading both might be misleading, and an order confirmation that shows no VAT might lead us to think your purchase was exempt from VAT.

VAT Receipts

We like to see VAT receipts that clearly show how much VAT you have been charged (which is how much you can claim back from HMRC).

Some receipts do not show any VAT data. Ask your suppliers for VAT receipts and upload these to Dext.

Best practice

Upload receipts as soon as you receive them

Upload invoices to Dext on your computer when purchasing online. Download the app to upload receipts on-the-go.

Ask for VAT receipts from suppliers

When purchasing on-the-go, you'll often be given the payment confirmation. It's easy to think that this is the important receipt, but often the initial receipt you receive will support your VAT claim.

Quality over quantity

Try not to overload Dext with documents that mislead us, like statements. Only upload receipts without VAT and order confirmations if you cannot obtain an invoice. Avoid uploading personal expenses too.

Aim to upload 100% of your invoices

Let's face it, you probably won't upload every single invoice. The average client uploads 85% of their invoices, so aim high!

Delegate the work

All too often business owners want to do everything themselves, but your team can upload receipts too. Feel free to ask us to create additional user accounts for your team.

Set up an 'accounts@' email

Some clients like to keep an email account just for accounting work. It's a great idea. These clients often spend time - once a week or once a month - forwarding emails from that inbox to Dext.

Mistakes happen

Try your best and it will make a big difference to our team and your tax returns! Nobody maintains perfect accounting records, but we're up for giving it a go if you are.

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